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T-Minus 24

The Stargate convention starts in 24 hours. And in 48 hours, I'll get to touch see Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett. Together. At the same time. *flails incoherently*

I am so ridiculously excited about the convention this weekend. I don't know how I'm going to make it through work today. Hopefully the day will go quickly, but somehow, I doubt it will. Only 24 hours to go! :)

I already know a couple of you are going to be there this weekend, but if anyone else is going and would like to meet up, let me know? I'd love a chance to put a face to the screen name. :)

Dreamwidth Invite Codes

Back during one of the (too many to count) migration-away-from-LJ discussions, I created a Dreamwidth account. I haven't done anything with it, but I set one up just in case fandom as a whole actually did end up leaving LJ.

I don't know if anyone would be interested, but I just got a number of invite codes. If you want to check out Dreamwidth, or even just set it up as a back-up journal, let me know, and I'll send you the code.
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Mind in the Gutter

I've never been much into SGA RPF, but only two weeks after @JoeFlanigan's arrival on Twitter, I think I'm starting to see the appeal...

Easily the best Tweet I've read all day:

@davidhewlett: @FlanInfo oh I'm getting all the @joeflanigan I need, thank you very much! ;-)


Oh really David? And just how much are you getting? Please provide details. And pictures. ;P
Holmes Thinking (fanart)

Sherlock Recap

Saw the Sherlock finale Sunday night. I've been meaning to post this since Sunday, but I haven't been able to get on line. So, I'm going to try to post this on my phone. Here's to hoping it works. :)

Thoughts of a spoiler-y nature (both BBC and book) below the cut.

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Sheppard Makes Math Sexy


After the (somewhat cranky-looking) picture he took with Jace Hall back in November proclaiming that he was not on Twitter, I pretty much gave up any hope that we'd ever see Joe Flanigan tweeting.

Looks like I gave up too soon.

According to @JaceHall, Joe gave in and joined Twitter, and is currently tweeting over at @JoeFlanigan.


*clicks the follow button*
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Oh Baby!

On the radio this morning, they read an article listing the fastest growing baby names. There were a couple girls names that made me chuckle at their parent's apparent devotion to a movie/TV show (Navi and Sookie) but nothing else really stood out to me.

Then came the boys names. Again nothing really stood out until the last, and most popular name on the list:

5. Lucian
4. Easton
3. Eoin
2. Bentley
1. Castiel

OK. Time to fess up ladies. Which one of you named your child after our favorite semi-fallen angel? :)

full list here
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The Game is Afoot!

The new Sherlock miniseries is coming out next week, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what they did with it. The trailer looks interesting, but I'm trying to reserve judgment or get my hopes up too much. It could be an awesome updating of the classic, or end up like a bad modern-day AU fanfic. I'm hoping for the former, but we'll see. Either way, I'm still looking forward to seeing it.

Although, I do have to admit that I'm very put out that Watson's mustache seems to have gone missing. I know it's a minor detail, but Watson without his mustache is like Holmes without his pipe or his violin. It just feels wrong somehow. Maybe that should be their first case... "The Case of the Missing Mustache." Forget "A Study in Scarlet" (or 'Pink' according to the episode list) and find the damn facial hair! ;P

Non-youtube version here.