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The "I Refuse to Marry Anyone Not on This List" Meme

faithbeckett tagged me on this, and I thought it would be fun. (even though the fact that I'm already married kind of makes the whole refusing to marry anyone not on this list-thing a bit of a moot point now... ;P) And holy hell, it took me a long time to put this together! O.O

Anyway, here goes:

1) List ten celebrities you love right now.
2) Put them IN ORDER of your love-meter.
3) Supply photos for said people.
4) Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
5) Tag five-ish people.

The one thing I hate about memes is that I never know who to tag. So, I'm tagging blue_flame88, kaylbunny, catpaws (welcome back sweetie! :), mmbaroque, naotsu, pintsizeninja, seahorse_4215, wornoutbirks, and anyone else who feels like doing this. (if I did tag you, and you don't want to do the meme, please just ignore me :)

1. Joe Flanigan

I have been infatuated with this man ever since the first time I watched Stargate Atlantis.

As for a reason... Look at him. Just... look. :)

2. Gerard Butler

Have you seen this man? Better yet, have you seen this man in PS, I Love You? Where he is not only gorgeous, but he's gorgeous with an Irish accent? And he even sings! *sighs dreamily* It's such a chick flick, but I love it. (not to mention that any movie that uses Flogging Molly's music scores big points with me... ;)

3. Misha Collins

I'll admit it. The reason I really got into Supernatural was because of this man. I got into the series late, and the first episode I saw was 'The Monster at the End of This Book.' I spent most of May plowing through the first three seasons just so I could catch up, and finally see Castiel again. :)

4. Edward Norton

I have had a thing for Edward Norton for so long, I can't be sure when I first noticed him. I thought he was absolutely brilliant in American History X. Terrifying, but brilliant.

5. David Hewlett

First saw David in Stargate Atlantis, and really wasn't too impressed. The character he was playing was fun, but I didn't see him as anything to get excited over. But then, I realized how much Rodney reminded me of my husband, and he kind of grew on me. Then I started following him on Twitter, and he just seems so charming. :)

6. Hyde

I absolutely love this man's voice. I'm not exactly sure how I stumbled across him, but Season's Call is the first song of his I ever heard. It was love at first listen. :)

7. Mark Harmon

This man just gets better looking with age. I liked him in Summer School years ago (I'm dating a bit myself here ;) but as Gibbs on NCIS... I'm totally smitten. The man is so damn sexy. (yes, I have a bit of a thing for older men ;)

8. Jeffrey Donovan

I liked him in Touching Evil, but didn't really pay too much attention to him at the time. Then came Burn Notice, and I just fell in love.

9. Keith Olbermann

The man is snarky and pompous and arrogant as hell, but it's so damn sexy. Have you ever heard one of his Special Comments? They are the reason I first started watching Countdown in the first place. I heard him blasting Bush for the troop surge, and just fell in love.

10. Rachel Maddow

I know it's terribly cliche to say, "I would for him/her" but I sooo would for Rachel Maddow. I have had a huge crush on her since she first started appearing as a pundit on Countdown and Hardball during the '08 elections. And once she got her own show, I was glued to MSNBC every night to see what Rachel had to say about what had happened that day. The woman is absolutely brilliant, and she doesn't let herself be railroaded by anyone.

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