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Guest Stars on SGU

For the past couple of weeks there have been a lot of rumors about the two SGA actors who would be doing guest shots on SGU.

Apparently, they were confirmed this weekend.


According to GateWorld:
"Two of our favorites from the cast of Stargate Atlantis are headed for SGU! As we told you last week, a pair of Atlantis actors have been signed for a crossover guest appearance on Stargate Universe (story). Now those two have been announced, at today’s SGU panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

David Hewlett and Robert Picardo will be the Atlantis residents to appear, according to reports out of the convention hall..."

"...The characters will appear in "Seizure," currently slated as the fifteenth episode of the new season and set to air sometime in the first half of 2011."

Well, it looks like I'll be watching SGU after all. At least the 15th episode of the new season anyway. :/


As excited as I am to see David portraying Rodney again, I'm conflicted about this. I think this pretty much confirms that "Extinction" is never going to happen and that SGA is never going to get the proper ending we were promised. And I'm soooo disappointed about that. :(

I'm also a little surprised that David even agreed to be on SGU after hearing about some of the bad blood between the SGA cast and TPTB. But maybe it was more Joe Flanigan than anyone else. He wasn't exactly subtle about his feelings over the shows cancellation. David was a little more gracious about it. And I really can't blame him for wanting to play his character again. I just wish it was going to be on Atlantis and not on Destiny. :(

It should be interesting to hear what David and Joe have to say about this at the convention next month. While I don't see Joe begrudging his cast-mate getting a chance to reprise his character, I really can't see him being too thrilled about it happening this way.

But then again, maybe this is all a just brilliant plot to revive interest in SGA and convince TPTB that SGA is desperately missed and that they need to start production on an all-new season immediately.

...yeah, I don't see it happening either.

But a girl can always dream, right? ;)
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